Our Pastor


Joseph Lee Darity is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Ever Learning Faith Ministries (ELFM) in Asheville, North Carolina. ELFM serves nearly 200 to 300 members at its 163 South Liberty Street location. He and his wife, Barbara have five children and five grandchildren.


Pastor Darity goes throughout many places preaching the "good news" of God's kingdom, as mandated by God. He flows in four gifts of the five fold ministry; as a prophet, evangelist, pastor and teacher. He is very gifted in the supernatural; walking in divine favor as mandated by God.


Pastor Darity's goal is to establish churches around the United States with truth. With 27 years of ministry, he is committed to bringing the "good news" of Jesus Christ to people all over the United States and world, in hopes of changing people: one person at a time. He states, "if you change people, you will change the world".


A native of Fletcher, N.C. (just outside of Asheville, North Carolina) Pastor Darity received a vision of Ever Learning Faith Ministries in 1999. He held church and worship service in a cafeteria of a nearby school, with only eight people in attendance.

In a few months the church grew and the spirit of the Lord spoke letting him know that He had a building for him and that in one year the church would move to 163 Liberty Street in the heart of downtown Asheville. With God all things are possible! Pastor has added a new PA system to the church as well as a van and bus. We hold three services every Sunday. This move from where we came from tells the Pastor where we are going and is a testament to the miracle-working power of God.


 A much sought after conference speaker, Pastor Darity is known for his practical approach to the Bible truths and is encouraged to pursue a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Pastor Joseph Lee Darity not only has a national ministry, but also and international ministry in other parts of the world (see video). The Pastor is on his way to building a great ministry for God's kingdom.


Best known as the all around Pastor of Ever Learning Faith Ministries teaching on all aspects of the Bible: faith, prosperity, tithing, conversion, the supernatural, disciplined steps, walking in the spirit, how to believe God for things, end times, symbols and Heaven. Come and enjoy this great man of God. Don't judge until you have heard the Pastor of Ever Learning Faith Ministries.

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